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It’s All in the Air

ContiTech Air Spring Systems is the worldwide leader in air springs and manufacturer of complete systems and their components for self-adjusting air suspension in commercial vehicles, buses and rail vehicles as well as bearings for stationary machines and foundations. It also manufactures air actuators and rubber compensators for industrial plants and machine constructions.

With ultramodern testing technology, ContiTech Air Spring Systems is in the forefront of product technology. Since 2005, ContiTech is producing air springs for the commercial vehicle industry in China.

ContiTech Railway Engineering is a major supplier of primary and secondary air spring systems for the passenger coaches of the Chinese high speed train as well as urban metro cars. Air spring systems by ContiTech ensure, for example, the riding comfort on the Transrapid maglev train between Shanghai-Pudong Airport and the city’s Lujizui financial district. ContiTech provides a flexible mount between the levitating frame and the passenger compartment. The company’s railway engineering unit has already been doing business in China for 30 years, equipping rail vehicles with primary and secondary suspension systems.

ContiTech Air Spring Systems produces in a newly built plant in Changshu (Jiangsu Province) since 2010.

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