ContiTech Elastomer Coatings

Elastomer Coatings

Amazing Variety of Material Combinations

ContiTech Elastomer Coatings develops and manufactures coated fabrics consisting of textiles or other reinforcement materials with elastomer coatings. Different combinations of 100 reinforcement materials with a wide range of properties and more than 300 coating material provides a nearly infinite variety of combinations for practical, media-resistant composite materials for nearly every requirement and application.

With experience of approx. 120 years, we are a leading manufacturer of elastomer sheetings (for safety boats, sealing, protective cloths, fashion bags etc.), diaphragm and diaphragm materials, printing blankets, industrial products (gas holder cells, translucent bus concertina wall, fuel and water tanks etc.) and colored compounds.

We solve complex customer-specific tasks imaginatively and innovatively and also supplying a wide range of engineered products. As a development partner and idea provider we assist our customers at all stages, i.e. with the planning, developing, manufacturing and in advising on the application.

A service and logistics centre for printing blankets in Shanghai fits compressible printing blankets with tension bars and despatches them.

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