Suspension Systems for Rail Vehicles

Product Overview

Static Background

Discover the inner workings of a train: This new interactive animation demonstrates which suspension concepts by ContiTech make modern railway vehicles – ranging from the tram to the bullet train – safe and comfortable.

Primary suspension

Primary Suspension

Axle springs can carry out three functions at once.

Secondary suspension

Secondary Suspension

The air suspension in modern chassis is a combination of finely tuned assemblies.

Auxiliary Components

Auxiliary Components

Maximum reliability for specific tasks MEGI® auxiliary systems fulfil the complex tasks of transmitting loads and controlling noise and vibration.

Corporate stories

Corporate stories

For 60 years, we have supported the technological development of inter-city and mass transit trains.


Reliability in the original

Our products are available on short notice anywhere in the world and are exchanged reliably.

Partner and distributors worldwide

Partner and distributors worldwide

Our local partners guarantee first-class customer support.