Elastomer Sheetings

For Static and Dynamic Applications

Elastomer Sheetings for Static and Dynamic Applications

We develop and manufacture elastomer sheetings from a wide variety of materials. The sheetings are processed into high-precision static and dynamic seals as well as other products such as scrapers, lining materials, suspension components, floor coverings and cutting underlays.

With our extensive range of elastomer sheetings together with our high-quality silicone and FKM sheetings we are able to cover the requirements for a whole host of different applications.

Elastomer Sheetings

Our versatile elastomer sheetings – made, for instance, of SBR, NR and EPDM – enable us to meet virtually every individual customer requirement. Their features include high temperature and media resistance, and they are available in almost any colour and with a surface texture ranging from glass-smooth to highly textured.

Silicone Elastomer Sheetings

are used in medical technology, the food and chemical industries and in many other application areas.

Fluoroelastomer Sheetings

are outstandingly suited to use in automotive engineering, aviation and aerospace, the electrical industry and in many other application areas.

Elastomer-Platten für statische und dynamische Anwendungen

Specialty Elastomer Sheetings

All sheetings are available in special grades, in other thickness, widths and lengths, and with different surfaces/textures. Most are also food-safe. Elastomer sheetings are colorable. All sheetings made of rubber, silicone and fluoroelastomers can be produced with optional reinforcement plies.

Tailor-Made Rubber Compounds

We develop and produce all compounds in our own facilities. Using modern internal mixers and rolling mills, we process nearly all polymers and colours into high-quality compounds – from transparent to black. Automation, computer control and continuous process control throughout the mixer line guarantee reproducible compound quality.

Quality Production with High Dimensional Accuracy

Our elastomer sheetings are manufactured using state-of-the art lines that ensure excellent dimensional accuracy with minimum tolerances.