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Online Adviser

Conveyor Belt Systems

Problems when fitting a belt or aligning the conveyor? The Conveyor Belt Systems online adviser shows you how to fit a belt, from the proper alignment of the belts ends through to the vulcanization of the splice, step-by-step, as well as providing important tips in case of belt misalignment.

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Installing and splicing steel cable conveyor belts

Even the best conveyor belt is only as good as its splice. Six chapters demonstrate the fitting and splicing of steel cord conveyor belts.

The following six chapters clearly demonstrate how to mount and splice steel cableconveyor belts.

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Causes of belt mistracking

A good and exact alignment contributes to good tracking of the conveyor belt.

True alignment of the idlers improves the running behaviour of the belt and decreases the energy consumption of the belt each idler station.

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ContiTech Carewell

Conveyor belt service materials applications

With the aid of this interactive tool, you can see ContiTech service material products on a virtual conveyor.